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  • 14 juni 2018
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The rapid advances in –omics technologies have enabled the study of disease from several molecular perspectives. This has already led to many novel insights in the underlying causes of disease, and has paved the way for more personalized molecular diagnostics and treatment selection based on the individual patient’s phenotype (multi-omics profile). In addition, recent technological advances have expanded the possibilities of medical imaging techniques towards high-resolution molecular, anatomical and functional imaging at the scale range from molecule to man. Increasingly, a cross-over between imaging and –omics technologies is taking place, with applications across the board from fundamental research to patient care. The Boerhaave course “Imaging meets –omics” will highlight how novel methodologies combining imaging and –omics data may lead to novel insights in biology, and clinical treatment approaches. The course aims to provide an entry-level overview of the field, where a line-up of expert speakers will highlight the current state-of-the-art in methodology, biology and clinical applications.


Target groups

radiologists, oncologists, radiotherapists, nuclear medicine physicians, surgeons, urologists, medical physicists, biomedical scientists.


Learning objectives

Objective: To identify principal biologic tumor characteristics  that can be targets  for profiling using currently available imaging techniques
Objective: To provide an overview of methods that can be used to extract clinical relevant  information from big imaging data sets
Objective: To demonstrate with three clinical scenarios how  in vivo tumor phenotyping impacts on treatment strategies


Organizing committee

• Prof. dr. J.L. Bloem, radiologist, LUMC
• Prof. dr. B.P.F. Lelieveldt, computer scientist image analyses, LUMC
• Prof. dr. L.H.F. Mullenders, geneticist, LUMC
• Prof. dr. M. Tijsterman, molecular geneticist, LUMC


08:15 Registration
09:00 Opening
09:05 Cancer Biology: integrating imaging and -omics to application
  J.J.C.  Neefjes
09:30 Molecular pathology of bone and soft tissue tumours
  J.V.M.G.  Bovée
10:00 Functional analysis of BRCAness in female cancer
  M.P.G. Vreeswijk
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 MR imaging radiomics of breast cancer
  K.G.A.  Gilhuijs
11:30 Mass spectrometry imaging to quantify tumor heterogeneity: correlation with clinical outcome parameters
  B.P.F. Lelieveldt
12:00 Radiomics of prostate cancer
  J.F.  Veenland
12:30 Lunch break
13:30 Imaging meets Radiotherapy
  R.L.M.  Haas
14:00 Radiomics in Nuclear Medicine
  F.H.P. van Velden
14:30 Multiparametric bone marrow imaging: what it tells you about BM metastasis biology
  A.  Padhani
15:15 Summary and conclusions 
15:30 Closure
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